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Our Team

At Frauenhorizonte, a professional team of social educators and psychologists provide counseling. They are specially trained for the special situation of women and adolescent girls who have experienced sexual violence.


​The full-time team is supported at night and on weekends by female specialists on call. We ensure the professional quality standard of our work through regular supervision and participation in specialist events. It goes without saying that all staff members are bound to professional confidentiality.


Claudia Winker

Counseling / process support:

Gabriele Kratz | Daniela Been | Sarina Albrecht            

Psychological support  :     

Tanja Streicher-Minz | Andrea Schuster



Verena Kaselow


Public Relations & Prevention:                        

Pia Kuchenmüller

Public Relations Digital Violence:

Charlie Trips



female students every six months as part of their studies

At night and on weekends, we are supported by our expert on-call team:

U. Toussaint  |  M. Brendler  |  B. Biederbick |  S. Eisfeld |  T. Wolf | T. Spiller | N. Subotin |
L. Berger

State Coordination Office Nightlife Safety Team Baden-Württemberg:

Pia Kuchenmülle (Leitung), Lea Dorn (Koordinatorin),
Lena Quick, Rebecca Spittel

Board women:

Inge Tritz (Vorsitzende), Gerlinde Birmelin, Katja Ravat, Angelika Hägele, Julica Goldschmidt, Nancy Mirza

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