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We are Freiburg's point of contact and specialized counseling center for women and adolescent girls who have experienced sexual assault or feel threatened by it. After a sexual assault, we also provide emergency services around the clock, offering counseling and accompaniment to the clinic or to file charges with the police.

We inform professionals about the background and effects of sexual violence and sensitize them to the needs of those affected by it. Target groups are e.g. police officers, students, lawyers, teachers or doctors.

After a sexual assault, affected women and girls often find it difficult to get support from friends or relatives because their social circle is often overwhelmed. The behavior of close relatives plays a central role in the processing of traumatic experiences.

Since 2021, we have been represented by our mobile teams at two locations in Neustadt and Waldkirch, acting as on-site points of contact and a counseling center for women and adolescent girls.

Frauenhorizonte received funding from the Ministry in 2021 to set up the state coordination office for more nightlife security in Baden-Württemberg. In this capacity, we work as an interface between the involved counseling centers against violence, those involved in nightlife and political stakeholders.

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