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Sie hätte nie gedacht, dass es sie trifft.
Wir tun alles, damit es sie wieder loslässt.
She never thought it would happen to her.
We are doing everything we can to help her let it go.


Specialized counseling center against sexual violence

Frauenhorizonte supports women and adolescent girls who have experienced rape or attempted rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or other forms of sexual violence in adulthood or as young women - regardless of whether the crime has just happened or happened some time ago. Our services are aimed at all affected women and girls, regardless of origin, lifestyle or disability, as well as their relatives, friends and professionals.




(upon request)



emergency hotline

0761 2 85 85 85
In acute cases, we are available around the clock for immediate help after a sexual assault. For counseling and stabilization or for accompaniment to examinations at the University Women’s Clinic or to the police.

We support and counsel women and girls who have experienced sexual harassment, assault and rape or feel threatened by it.


We counsel and support victims of sexual harassment. We train and educate managers, specialists and trainees. We support companies and organizations in developing action plans.

Our female counselors support women and girls through online counseling as well.

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Workshops für Fachkräfte, Multiplikator*innen & Interessierte:

für Lehrkräfte & Schulsozialarbeitende (10.10.24)

We inform professionals about the background and effects of sexual violence and sensitize them to the needs of those affected by it. Target groups are e.g. police officers, students, lawyers, teachers or doctors.

We are at two locations with our mobile teams:
Neukstadt and Waldkirch
rfor women and young girls

Wir beraten Organisationen und begleiten den Prozess, ein Schutzkonzept zu implementieren und Strukturen aufzubauen.

Wir unterstützen bei der Erstellung von Handlungsleitfäden- und abläufen und schulen Vertrauens- und Ansprechpersonen.

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