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Frauenhorizonte gegen sexuelle Gewalt e.V. Freiburg’s point of contact and specialized counseling center for women and adolescent girls who have experienced sexual assault or feel threatened by it. After a sexual assault, we also provide emergency services around the clock.

Our services include:
  • Telephone or personal counseling and crisis intervention

  • Accompaniment to the medical examination in the University Women’s Clinic

  • Organization and accompaniment for evidence recovery (also without criminal charges)

  • Organization and accompaniment to the filing of charges and testimony of witnesses

We offer support and counseling for the following issues:
  • Rape and sexual assault

  • Sexual harassment at work

  • Victim compensation (OEG) in the case of sexual violence

  • (Suspicion of) knock-out drops

„We provide counseling on a confidential basis, free of charge, and anonymously upon request“

In addition to Freiburg, our area of operation also encompasses the districts of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Emmendingen. Our main office is in Freiburg where we are available Monday - Friday, also for appointments in our offices in Waldkirch and Neustadt. More about the mobile teams

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