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Our Stance on Sexual Violence

We do not regard sexual violence as an individual fate, but as an expression of structural violence and discrimination against women and girls, in which sexuality is used as a means of demonstrating power, humiliation and subjugation.


Boundary violations based solely on gender are familiar to all women. We encounter them in many forms: Catcalls, verbal pick-up on the street, remarks about breasts and buttocks, ridicule, telephone terror, all the way to sexual violence and rape.


Sexual violence means for every woman and every girl a violation of her personality and physical integrity. The will of another person is imposed on her by force - and this in the extremely sensitive area of her sexual autonomy.


We want to be part of a culture of looking and advocate for the abolition of violent structures and any kind of discrimination, as well as the social ostracism of sexual violence as a violation of human rights.

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