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State Coordination Office
for Nightlife Safety

Our wish: Be(a)ware through the night. When partying, everyone should feel safe and comfortable. Partying should be fun, relaxed, free and wild. Unfortunately, many factors hinder people from celebrating freely without being disturbed because their boundaries are not respected, but rather violated through harassment. The light-hearted mood drops down to zero and people end up going out less or not at all, even if they would like to.

Nightlife has become increasingly plagued by harassment, assault and violence. This is where the campaign by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration enters the scene. The Coordination Office for More Nightlife Safety was set up specifically to use statewide structures and implement training concepts locally. In coordination with 14 counseling centers from Baden-Württemberg, training and counseling for more nightlife safety is provided as widely as possible throughout the State.

The counseling centers against violence are the local stakeholders, the key contacts for women affected by violence. They also refer to other, competent counseling centers, if necessary. The trainers at the counseling centers use the be(a)ware campaign to link up with existing structures and ensure that employees are more confident in their conduct, as well as imparting knowledge about local and statewide counseling and support services.


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