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Many thanks

Many thanks to the city of Freiburg for funding our acute counseling center for women affected by sexual violence. The districts of our areas of operation,

Emmendingen and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, also greatly support our work. We have financed the remaining deficit with our own funds from membership fees, donations, project grants and subsidies, allocations of fines as well as given training courses and workshops.


The project Mobile Teams in the Waldkirch and Neustadt area is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration. The same applies to the state coordination office Nachtleben (Nightlife) Baden-Württemberg and the project office for digital violence. Here, too, a big thank you for the support and appreciation of our work.


We are grateful and consider ourselves fortunate to be supported by many sides, especially in these adverse times. Particularly in our concern to stand by the side of affected women* and girls*. In finding new ways and possibilities to offer low-threshold access to our services, such as through the establishment of mobile teams in the counties, funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration. Likewise for the state funds for the project “nachtsam. Mit Sicherheit besser feiern” (“Be(a)ware. Celebrate safely”) project, which involves cooperation with 18 specialized counseling centers against violence against women in Baden-Württemberg and with the equal opportunity commissioners of the urban and rural districts and thus also promotes the networking of various stakeholders* in the sense of the Istanbul Convention. For the donations from so many private individuals, which flow directly to us, as well as project-related private donations via, which support our quality standard. Grateful for the penalties awarded to us by judges, which enable us to continue to offer our services free of charge to those affected.


Thanks to the support of the PSD Stiftung L(i)ebenswert, we were able to address women from different countries in their mother tongue with the #hereforyou project. The SC FAIRWays Award supported the continuation of the school project WWW - Who WHY What, you ask, we answer, with the involvement of teachers and school social workers*.


Thanks to Metallverwertungsgesellschaft mbH, Café Sedan, Café Auszeit and the many cafés that participated in the 16 days, Lions Markgräflerland e.V., Datamap, Auditorium Netzwerk, OFF, the neighborhoods for their support ...


Thank you to all who promote us.

The network of like-minded people that has our back and strengthens our spirit.

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