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Frauenhorizonte e.V. is Freiburg’s point of contact and counseling center for women who have experienced sexual violence. We offer comprehensive counseling and support for women and girls who have experienced rape, sexual assault, harassment or other forms of sexual violence. We help to work through the social, physical and psychological effects and to develop coping strategies.


Frauenhorizonte e.V. works intensively in the field of victim protection and offers women comprehensive support both in their decision-making process and during and after criminal proceedings for all desired and necessary steps.


The team of Frauenhorizonte e.V. consists of psychologists and social workers who are specially trained for the special situation of traumatized women.


In the first hours or days after a sexual assault, professional counselors are available around the clock - even at night and on weekends - for immediate help!


Immediately after the crime, we accompany women to the outpatient clinic of the University Women's Clinic for examination or forensic evidence. If the victim wants to press charges, we also accompany her to the police.


Our psychologist offers crisis intervention and short-term therapy to help women deal with the trauma and refers them to therapists in private practice to counteract the psychological consequences of the crime.


Frauenhorizonte e.V. is financed by the city of Freiburg and with smaller subsidies from the districts of Emmendingen and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. Since these do not cover the costs, Frauenhorizonte e.V. is dependent on its own funds of about 32,000 € per year - from donations, fines, and foundation funds.


Your referral will help women overcome the physical and psychological effects of sexual assault!


Transparent administration of fines is important to us:


The association Frauenhorizonte - gegen sexuelle Gewalt e.V. is entered in the allocation list of the Karlsruhe and Stuttgart Higher Regional Courts and registered with the online portal for allocations to non-profit institutions We meet all the necessary requirements for the allocation of fines and penalties.


Non-profit status:

Frauenhorizonte - gegen sexuelle Gewalt e.V. is registered in the register of associations at the district court of Freiburg and has been recognized by the tax office of Freiburg-Stadt (tax number 06470/00787) as directly tax-privileged in the sense of §§ 51ff. Tax Code.


Use of funds:

Frauenhorizonte e.V. uses monetary awards exclusively for the purposes stipulated in its statutes.


We guarantee:

  • the notification of amendments to the articles of association that affect the non-profit status

  • timely and prompt accountability for incoming and outstanding payments

  • compliance with data protection regulations in the administration of monetary fines

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